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          Shizuishan Unique Pt New Material Science&Technology Co., Ltd.

          Assay purchase of spent autocat

          PGM Chemicals

                Shizuishan Unique Pt New Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in PGM recovery.Partners of UPT have many years working experience in international PGM companies, including Johnson Matthey, Heraeus, Duesmann Hensel.   Our sampling system,  smelting plant and refining plant are all built at the standard of international companies.     


                UPT has established spent autocatalyst collection net work covering whole China. Spent PGM material collected from all over of China, after sampling, then sent to smelting plant, recovering PGM in alloy, finally to refining plant, fabricating to pure PGM. The whole process is controlled by a specially designed PGM management system.


          UPT technology sampling system

          UPT smelting technology

          UPT chemical refining technology



          Other spent PGM material recovery

          About UPT Technology

          About UPT technology

          PGM trading

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          Single piece purchase of spent autocat

          Single piece purchase of spent autocat

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